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John has over 25 years of experience in bodywork and self exploration. He is a qualified Acupuncturist (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Shiatsu Practitioner. He has an Master of Science degree in Traditional Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine which was awarded following John’s research based clinical study investigating the potential of traditional acupuncture in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Prior to this, John trained in the family system of Chinese physical culture for 10 years, which included the study of Tai Chi Chuan,Tao Yin, Kai Men yoga and Feng Shou self defence. Johns current interests include Kyudo – The Way Of The Japenese Bow, which he has attained to the level of Sandan ( 3rd Dan ). He presently leads a Kudo group based in New up Tyne.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

MSc – Masters of Science, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Dip Ac – Diploma in Acupuncture Dip AcM – Diploma in Acupressure Massage
MBAcC – Member of the British Acupuncture Council


Just Amazing
"Report Review was recommended John by my sister in law who believe John had very much helped her conceive going through IVF. I also had to have IVF and saw John few months before hand during and towards the end of my pregnancy. John made me feel so at ease that I firmly believe help me fall pregnant in my first attempt of IVF, I always left the clinic feeling so much more relaxed and it made me feel better. thanks John and I am always telling people about you."
Louise Gregson

"Report Review I have been seeing John for over 6 years. His knowledge of Chinese medicine is immense. He has helped me through losing my mum and through my cancer treatment from chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I travel all the way from Alnwick to Jesmond to see him, it's well worth the journey. Would recommend him 100%. He is such a kind and caring gentleman."
Mrs Bennett

"Report Review I have been seeing John for treatment for tendonitis, and more recently a recurring back problem.
He has helped me enormously on both counts, I would not hesitate to recommend John to one and all.
He's a really nice guy as well.........

It's a kind of magic-
"Report Review After visiting chiropractors, physios, doctors and the like because of neck, back and general aches and pains throughout the body, not to mention menopause, (hot flushes, headaches and tiredness) by chance, when discussing these symptoms at pilates someone recommended John Corrigan. From the moment I had my first treatment there was a massive change in my whole persona, I became more relaxed and had the best night sleep I'd had in a long time. This has continued to be the case over the months I've visited John and I've found that it has had a positive impact on my whole outlook both mentally and physically. My back and neck are the best they've ever been, the meno symptoms are subsiding and the headaches are virtually non existent. I cannot recommend John enough to anyone with any problems whether mentally or physically and this has now become an integral part of my life. Like I said ........its like magic and I mean that whole heartedly. My only worry is that he stops practising."

Traditional treatment with highly acclaimed practitioner
"Report Review My husband and I have been visiting John Corrigan for around eight years for seperate health issues. 
John has a traditional approach to acupuncture and can successfully treat a vast range of conditions. I've seen John for bouts of depression, post surgery fatigue, IBS and fertility. He also treated me after weeks of a bad chest infection by using specific points on my back when antibiotics had not been effective. 
There are many practitioners, but John is an expert in his field. He is extremely kind, considerate and professional, and has an 
absolute commitment to treating patients to the highest standard."

Review from a therapist.
"Report Review John Corrigan is the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. He is so enthusiastic about what he does. A compassionate, caring and utterly dedicated therapist with full knowledge of his craft. I would strongly recommend him. In fact I would say look no further."

TCM Acupuncture
"Report Review Great results over the years - would recommend acupuncture by John for muscular aches and pains!"
N. Dawson
Fertility Treatments
"I found John's details online after a general google search. I sent an initial enquiry and gave some basic details and he gave me an overview of what could be done, encouraging me to make an appointment as each individual is different. I went to my first appointment and basically did an emotional brain dump of all my issues - and there were many. I was grieving the loss of my Father, had a ridiculous work life balance, hated my job, had reluctantly just moved to the area, wasn't sleeping, had some physical pain and also was keen to get pregnant having tried unsuccessfully for a while. I was in a bit of a state both physically and emotionally. I wasn't sure if John held the answers to any of my problems but I was keen to give it a go. I saw John for a session every 2-3 weeks and continued to see him for a period of approximately 18 months. Over time I began to calm down and find a sense of equilibrium - this was either due to the needles John was using on various parts of my body and his advice or his kind, gentle nature. He was always keen to listen to my problems and moans and willing to share his knowledge of TCM which I found increasingly fascinating. I am happy to report that I am now a much improved version of myself compared to the one that first walked through John's door and I will be back just as soon as I can find someone to look after the baby that I have recently given birth to! All in all, I recommend seeing what John can do for you from a physical, emotional and fertility perspective. It worked for me."
Emma S - Newcastle upon Tyne 

"Just wanted to let you know that I have found out that I am pregnant this week - we are absolutely thrilled after trying for over 2 years. I am convinced that your help with acupuncture over the last 3 months played a huge part in regulating my system and preparing my body for conception – all the best and a huge thanks."
Suanne Branston, Jesmond

"I was having difficulty getting pregnant due to an infrequent and irregular menstrual cycle, which was attributed to viral thyroiditis (an over active then under active thyroid gland). I successfully used acupuncture with John Corrigan both times I have conceived to help restart and regulate my menstrual cycle which enabled the process of conception. In addition, it, very importantly, helped me to relax. I would fully endorse the use of acupuncture to help in the process of getting pregnant – I now have two beautiful children to show how it worked for me."
Fiona Cullen, Tyne and Wear

"After two years of trying and one failed attempt of IVF treatment I didn’t know what to do. But after speaking to John on the telephone my partner and I decided to use acupuncture in conjunction with the next IVF protocol at the Centre for Life to assist conception. Acupuncture was used on a weekly basis throughout the IVF treatment and the day before egg transplantation.  I now have beautiful baby to show - thanks for all of your help."
JD, Newcastle-upon Tyne

"While awaiting a consultation appointment to be arranged at the Centre for Life, my partner and I decided to try acupuncture to help with conception. All my previous hormone tests and my partners sperm count showed as normal, yet after 18 months of attempting to get pregnant we had nothing to show but frustration. Subsequent to receiving 6 acupuncture treatments over two menstrual cycles I fell pregnant during the second cycle. The pregnancy went great apart from some morning sickness that John also gave acupuncture treatment to help. We now have a lovely baby boy. Thanks for all your support and help. "
CB, Tyne and Wear

Back pain

"Within five treatments, the backpain that I'd suffered for two years had completely gone"
Elizabeth Smith, Northumberland

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

"I have suffered from IBS for almost 20 years using prescribed medicines and alternate treatments without improvement. Since having acupuncture the frequency and severity of attacks have been greatly reduced - it has given me a new lease of life."
Phyl Whenray, Tyne and Wear

“John is an outstanding acupuncturist. His wealth of knowledge, understanding and resonance with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its teachings combined with his personable and gentle nature makes for a deeply therapeutic combination. Both my own family and many of my patients have had the privilege of his treatment. His understanding of TCM and natural, insightful, down to earth teaching style is exercised beautifully through his teaching commitments. He helps doctors of the future, based at Newcastle Medical School explore the role TCM can play for some patients alongside Western Medical Treatment. I could not recommend John's practice highly enough. An excellent acupuncturist, like John, is worth their weight in gold!”
Dr. Kate James MBBS, Integrative Medical Doctor and Course Director at Newcastle Medical School for Complementary Medicine in UK Medical Practice module : Models for Integrative Medical care.

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